UK:DRIC is bringing businesses together, but also importantly, the technology which will shape the future retail and business environment to a real-world scenario. This project is giving the opportunity for companies to work together to prepare for the future and test bed their technologies.

The Lab will provide advice and training, supporting growth within this new setting. The project is ever growing and constantly gaining new support with a 5 year plan, a dedicated marketing team and big names already behind the project. The UK:DRIC is the perfect environment for the development of replicable models

With the pace of the retail and business environment ever changing, become a part of group of companies supporting each-other as you prepare for the future as we bring the city of 2050 by 2025 

Bring your business to the forefront by shaping and directing the future of business

we are providing you with the opportunity to be ahead of the game, with the aim of bringing the city of 2050 by 2025, you  will be the ones to guide and direct the whole industry into the next generation of business 

Break further into the UK Market even with the recent political climate the UK has always been at the centre of trade and innovation. We are providing you with the perfect opportunity to come into the British market. With all eyes on this project. The UK:DRIC will provide your business with a wide network of large established companies and will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with private sector and government.


Tel: 01452 207020

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