Case Study:

KSharp - Crowd Resilience

with iBeacons

The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) held a competition in 2017 to seek innovative ideas to reduce the threat from terrorist and malicious use of explosives and weapons in public spaces. The technology would be employed in crowded places, such as shopping centres, sports stadia and entertainment venues.

KSharp, proposed CriB: Crowd Resilience through iBeacons, developing a system that utilises existing iBeacons (technology that emits a Bluetooth signal) to enable the general public to learn to spot terrorist threats, report suspicious behaviour and receive important security alerts through a smartphone app and web-based cloud-server system, enabling venues such as City Centres, shopping centres, and sports stadia to engage with residents and visitors to improve the safety and security of the crowd.

By working with the UK:DRIC, KSharp were able to benefit from Marketing Gloucester’s relationships with the business community to install fifty iBeacons around the city centre to test the technology.

CRiB leverages existing iBeacon technology installed in City Centres, sports stadia and shopping centres worldwide, primarily for proximity marketing purposes, to increase the resilience of crowds. Bringing together technology, psychology, crowd behaviour, marketing and security, the CRiB project aimed to demonstrate that an iBeacon network as part of a wider system (comprising a smartphone application for use by the general public, and a cloud server interface for operators) could be developed to adaptively broadcast threat identification information to the crowd.


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