Bags of Goodness

Climate change and plastic pollution are global challenges. Every year over one trillion plastic bags are used for an average of only 20 minutes before they end up in the rubbish.

goodbag is a smart reusable shopping bag that lets customers plant trees against climate change, collect plastic waste out of our oceans or receive discounts every time they bring their own bag to the store.

Protect the environment together with your customers and reward them for bringing their own bag!

With goodbag you can offer young, digitally aware consumers that care about the environment an incentive to visit your stores.

By creating an interactive customer experience that directly connects customers to your environmental activities, you communicate CSR in a truly interactive way.

Customer loyalty is all about building relationships. With goodbag we offer you a brand new way to connect and interact with your customers. Join the goodbag system and start benefiting today!

1) Consumers can download the app for free and can find all participating shops on an interactive map. Most of these shops will also be a place to buy the bag - or you can get one online here.

2) The customer chooses between coupons to support projects or to receive discounts.

3) To activate the coupon the customer verifies that they brought their goodbag by holding their phone close to the goodbag logo.

4) The customer can then redeem it in the shop, the coupon is immediately activated and can now easily be redeemed directly in the shop. This is usually in the form of a barcode.

Just to let you know, you can choose your own projects or select one from our partner NGOs and offering discounts is optional.

goodbag creates a gamified customer experience that makes it fun and rewarding to protect the environment!

"Our app is continuously improved with new features in order to regularly enhance your and your customer’s experience. Our product can be perfectly tailored to your needs. Tell us your requirements and we will make sure you offer your customers the unique experience that they deserve."

Join the goodbag network of companies to take sustainability to the next level and win new customers.

"Let’s think outside the bag
and improve the world we live in"


email hi@goodbag.io

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