A showcase and testbed for digital technologies, developing the city of 2050 by 2025

With the ever increasing interest by a multitude of businesses and the backing of significant funding from GFirst local enterprise partnership the incubation centre will be positioned at the heart of Gloucester within the Eastgate Shopping Centre. 700m2 of floorspace has been designated with a current footfall of 50,000 per week

The UK:DRIC promises to be a showcase and testbed for the latest retail technologies and will give opportunities to demonstrate future innovations such as holographic “virtual employees”, artificial intelligence, 3D scanning and printing of products, drone deliveries, robotic security guards, 360 virtual mirrors and near field communication.

Designed by Roberts Limbrick

The UK Digital Retail Innovation Centre will be a focal point for upskilling retailers in new and developing retail technologies and methodologies. The national independent centre for technology solution providers and retailers to test innovative technologies and work in partnership to enhance and develop new and possibly disruptive solutions 

UK:DRIC will also be a supportive incubator and catapult for high growth new retailers, all of whom will have access to next generation technologies and methodologies and will be targeted on rapid testing of their business model and growth

It is planned to create an enviroment where solutions will be developed and partnerships forged-potentially involving innovations in areas such as facial recognition, BIG data algorithms, 3D printing, display technologies and so-on. Being a centre for excellence in demonstraitng and developing these technologies is something that is already happening, this centre will further develop on what's already being accomplished. 

Why Gloucester?

With a proven track record in starting incubators and with the foundations already in place for new disruptive innovations, Gloucester has been selected to house the new National Digital Retail Innovation Centre  

Gloucester is ideally positioned to be a pathfinder for the development of new technologies, the past few years Gloucester has shown companies  how innovative we as a city can be.  We were the first city to implement the three in one CCTV, Wifi and 4G solution and have built up a wide range of partners such as Google’s Niantic Labs, #WDYT, Rewarding Visits and BT who have tested their technologies in the city.

Gloucester has a dedicated team behind the project with a proven record in starting incubators and delivering digital retail and future city innovations. Gloucester has a digital strategy alignment with GFirst LEP with a significant commitment from the City. Gloucester is an Ideal tesbed for developing replicable and real-world models. With Considerable expertise in business engagement and excellent network Gloucester is at the forefront of bringing the future of business into the present.


Tel: 01452 207020

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